Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cancer in the family

Recently, a sister-in-law was discovered to have cancer, and her siblings have been very concerned that she get the "proper treatment". My husband Dean (her older brother) doesn't live in Minnesota, so he has been trying to help from a distance. Dean and I are Scientologists and considered by the other siblings as being sort of "irrelevant" I think. It's not that we disbelieve in modern medicine, but we see it as having certain limited functions (like setting bones and sewing up gashes.)

The Scientology Handbook explains

"Today, medicine treats the body when there is something wrong with it. But it overlooks almost totally the relationship of the spiritual being to his body and the effect the former has on the latter." (See Helping Others Recover from Illness and Injuries.)

Lest you think that I'm advocating no physical treatment, let me assure you that is not the case. But some current "treatments" are pretty debilitating, including chemotherapy.

You are a spiritual being and you can help to heal the body. There are assists that re-establish your communication with the body and Scientology Auditing can move you to new awareness of your relationship to the body, others, and the physical universe. For more information on how to help yourself, visit the Scientology Handbook site.