Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are you there?

Yesterday I was thinking how nice people are — in general, you know.

The owner of Greenberries coffee shop provided a nice cool place to sit while I updated my notes. The art director at the Reston Community Center was supportive of my efforts to start a class in Herndon. Someone — a complete stranger — smiled at me. A driver waved me to cross the street. A construction worker noticed my eating a Dairy Queen soft cone and remarked how nice it looked in this hot weather we're having.

How nice they are, all of them.

I look around and I see that each one, each person, each spark of life (really) has his own memory and purpose and concept of past and future. I want to know more about each one.

Communication is a two-way street. It's not words. It's perception, recognition. The person who doesn't recognize other life leads a very lonely existence.

Let's communicate, my friend.

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