Monday, March 12, 2012

The big mind-altering drug experiment and its consquences

I don't know whether anyone is listening or will get this post, because I post my opinion so infrequently, but I feel I have to say this:

I think that we are in the middle of a big experiment being conducted by the drug companies and psychiatrists (and others who can prescribe drugs) that is having continual very harmful consequences.

Just yesterday, a soldier in Afghanistan walked into several Afghan villages neighboring his barracks and shot (deliberately murdered) men, women and children. And no one knows why. And of course our relations with the Afghans are ruined.

The act (s) was unjustified and unexplained. There will be a lot of "why-finding." But I believe that I know the reason.

That soldier was mostly likely on one of the psychiatric drugs meant to handle what is being called PTSD. And if so, this will be hushed up, or, at best, not seen as causal.

A week or so ago, a high school student pulled out a gun in the cafeteria of his school before school and started shooting his fellow students. No one could discover why. The students he shot at seemed to be random. They hadn't been bullying him. Several died.

These are just the latest in a long series of unexplainable events.

If you find yourself puzzled by these random acts of violence, I suggest that you go to the Citizens' Commission on Human Rights website ( and read some of the investigatory information on that site. Very interesting.

I also suggest the article in Freedom Magazine ( called "The Peril and Tragedy of Drug Solutions" because it contains actual cases.

I hope this post will reach some people and that you will follow up.

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